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    The Dark Side of Chocolate

    The Dark Side of Chocolate

    Anybody who has a pet knows exactly what it is like then when they are not well. That is why animal lovers will do whatever necessary to make sure that their pets remain self and healthy. Unfortunately, bad things do happen and there are times when our dogs are sick. They are a member of the family so we rush off to get them the urgent care they need. There are a number of foods that that your dog simply cannot eat because they are toxic to your furry friends. Keep reading to discover some of the foods that can make your dog very sick and can even be fatal.

    Just as we love our pets, most of us humans love our chocolate. One thing you must be careful of is not to allow your dog to ever consume any amount of chocolate. Chocolate (especially baking chocolate) is extremely toxic to your pet. It contains a chemical called theobromine that do massive damage to your dog’s lungs, kidneys, heart, and nervous system. Keep chocolate away from your pet all costs. Store your chocolate stash in hard to reach places. Never keep chocolate in a place where your dog can reach it.

    Smaller dogs tend to be more likely to get into foods they are not supposed to eat. The Beagle is one of the most popular small dogs in the country. They typically are about 20-35 pounds and 13 inches tall. They are kind and gentle and are also great with children. The Beagle likes to stay active and require a lot of exercise so keep them active as much as you can! They sometimes can be difficult to train because they are so independent and determined. Make sure you hide the chocolate where they can’t find it!

    The Bichon Frise is another good choice for people looking for a small pet. They are typically about 10-15 pounds and are very small-framed dogs. They are very happy and friendly dogs but can be difficult to house break because they are so stubborn. They require daily exercise so keep them active and outdoors as often as you can. The Bichon Frise tends to get attached to their owners so they may sleep with you at night and my whine and cry when you are not at home.

    Our pets play such an important role in our lives. We want them to be around for a long time. It is our jobs as pet owners to make sure our dogs are taken care of to the fullest extent of our capabilities. Keeping these toxic foods away from your dog is a great step in keeping your favorite furry friend around for a very long time.

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    Diet And Health: Not All Dogs Are The Same!

    dogs1When it comes to dogs’ dietary needs and health issues, one size certainly does not fit all! While some food requirements and medical conditions are common among all dogs, a lot depends on the breed as well, particularly whether it is large, medium, or small. Large dogs typically weigh upwards of 56 pounds; those above 100 pounds are often classified as giant dogs. Large dog breeds include the playful Labrador Retriever, the loyal Alaskan Malamute, the powerful Bullmastiff, the massive Great Dane, and many others. Medium-sized dog breeds, on the other hand, are usually between 23-55 pounds. The Basset Hound, Border Collie, Siberian Husky, and Boxer are just a few among the numerous medium-sized dog breeds.

    Large dogs were conventionally bred as working dogs, making them very high on physical endurance. It takes approximately 15 months for these dogs to reach adulthood; until this point, a large dog’s diet is especially crucial as it is more prone to developing joint problems if excessive pressure is put on its growing bone and muscle structure. Thus, owners of large dogs need to ensure the maintenance of optimal body weight through appropriate food and adequate exercise. This is also true in the case of giant dogs, whose growing period lasts even longer – between 18 and 24 months. Sufficient amounts of vitamin E, vitamin C, glucosamine, and chondroitin can help your protect your pet’s joints and create a good foundation for lifelong health. It is important to keep in mind that good food habits during puppyhood can prevent many problems in the later years of your dog’s life. Typically, the larger a dog is, the shorter its lifespan; large dogs have a life expectancy of 9-12 years while 7-9 years is the average lifespan for giant dogs. The right nutrition can help your dog live a longer and healthier life.

    Medium-sized dogs come with their own unique needs and health concerns. With a lifespan of 10-12 years, and they are predisposed to being active. This calls for nutrition-rich food and plenty of exercise in order to maintain a healthy body weight and keep up energy levels. Medium-sized dogs are prone to unhealthy weight gain due to a number of factors such as genetics, poor diet, and inadequate activity. A balanced diet with enough omega-6 fatty acid and zinc can help ensure high spirits and a shiny coat.

    In general, dogs may face a number of common health problems. Among these, perhaps the most common issue is ear infections. If you see your pet tilting, shaking, and scratching its head, check the ears for redness, swelling, or discharge. In most cases, a vet can clean and medicate the area effectively. Worm infestations also occur frequently among dogs. While some worm problems are relatively harmless, others can prove extremely serious. Diarrhea, changes in appetite, and unexplained weight loss are symptoms that warrant a visit to the vet. Fleas and bacterial skin infections may cause great discomfort to many dogs at some point during their lifetime. These can be easily and effectively managed with medication and proper hygiene. Vomiting and diarrhea are also common concerns; these can be caused by a range of factors, from heatstroke and fatigue to poisoning and infection. In such cases, it is essential to prevent dehydration. Remember, when in doubt, contact your vet to find out the best course of action to restore your beloved pet’s health.

    Hairstyles That Go Well With Facial Hair


    If you’re someone who wants to look the best he can, be then you’ll want to pay attention to a few of these hair/beard combinations. A clean-shaven face looks good, don’t get me wrong, but having the perfect hair with the perfect beard to compliment can achieve so much more than the naked face. A plain face is just that, it’s plain. A beard can give your appearance a little extra spice to raise your sex-appeal, as well as make you appear older, more mature, and experienced. Having the right hairstyle to match your facial is crucial to pulling off both. You can’t have one succeed without the other. If you botch your hair, chances are your beard isn’t going to look nearly as good – so don’t make that mistake. Here are some hairstyles that can really compliment your beard.

    The Undercut – A very classy look that can be topped off with a nice suit. It’s perfect if you’re looking to appear like a celebrity because that’s the type of vibe you give off. You mean business with your short sides and back, but go for a little extra spice when you keep the top long and wavy. A full beard looks the best with the undercut, but you do have some options in terms of length. A lot of men will have their sides/back the same length as their beard to create some unity, but a more extreme look would be razor thin sides with a normal length beard. If you do this though, you’ll have to look at some electric shavers to keep your sides and back nice and sharp.

    Side Fringe – If the classy look isn’t your style, then maybe the side fringe is for you. The side fringe will give you that nerdy/geeky look, that has actually been fairly desired as of late. The side fringe can feature front bangs, or you can go without. Either way this look is pulled off best with a shaggy beard and glasses. Be sure that the beard doesn’t get too shaggy though. You may have to invest in some beard trimmers to keep it under control.

    Mess – The messy hair style is one that either works, or fails miserably. You need a lot of confidence to pull off messy hair. Even though the style itself is supposed to be random and appear “un-kept”, there actually needs to be a little bit of containment. Some hair wax is recommended to keep your locks together and maintain the look. For facial hair, this looks best with a short, full beard.

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    Men Feel The Pressure To Have A Great Beach Body

    Men Feel The Pressure To Have A Great Beach Body

    Summer used to be all about the relaxation, the drinks, the music, the food, and the fun, but now it’s starting to be more about the competition – the competition of bodies. Women have always felt the need to have a perfect body so when the shirts come off and the bikinis come on, they have something to show off. However, men are starting to feel that same kind of pressure to get a “beach ready” body.

    So what exactly is a “beach ready” body on a guy? Well, muscles. Muscles and more muscles are what women prefer. Having rock hard abs that don’t need flexed to be visible, pecs that big enough for women to gawk at, and biceps that show just how hard you work in the gym. Now, for many, this is an unreachable goal. Lots of us, in fact the majority of us, aren’t anywhere close to getting there. So what’s an acceptable substitute? Flat stomachs, meat on the bones, no rolling hills on the backs, and some tight arms that don’t have riptides when they move.

    Again, this is an unreachable goal for many, but it’s starting to be what men think about. Not only is it occupying the minds of men all over the world, but it’s starting to frustrate them and put an unnatural amount of pressure on their shoulders. Many men don’t feel they have the time or energy to get their body “beach ready”, so rather than living with the consequences they simply just avoid going to the beach. That’s the wrong attitude to have!

    I challenge men out there to show off their not-”beach ready” body. Men do not need the pressure of looking like a sculpted statue just to show off for the women. However this is not an excuse to look sloppy. While you can’t make muscles just appear on your figure, you can do something that can improve your overall look – grooming.

    When you’re at the beach, one of the most unattractive things is excessive body hair. Some men think it makes them look mature, experienced, and tough, but it’s simply just frightening to have a forest surround your entire body. If you can’t get your body “beach ready” for summer time, the least you can do is invest in a nice body groomer and get yourself looking clean. Other accessories could be purchased as well, like a good electric shaver for your head if you want to show off that shiny dome of yours.

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    How To Name Your Dog To Suit Your Style

    How To Name Your Dog To Suit Your Style

    Congratulations! You must have a new dog in the house! If you’re a new pet owner then you’re probably in the process of dog-proofing your house, but if this isn’t your first time then you might be pondering one of the most difficult things about a new dog – its name. While some don’t think there is much that goes into a name, there is. Not only does it fully give your dog an identity, but it’s also how you will communicate in the future. This is why you should put some thought into a name. Just like humans, you can’t change the name very easily. You might be able to get away with changing the dog’s name in the first few weeks, but once the dog gets used to it it’ll be in your best interest to commit to the name. Here are some tips on how to name your dog.

    First off you should look at what kind of dog it is. Generally dog owners will name their dog based on its behavior, appearance, or perhaps heritages; all of these are good grounds to base a name off of. One of the things that many dog owners go to for guidance is the dogs size. Small dogs will generally have cute, short names that represent there small, but mighty personality. The same goes for medium-sized dogs. They might have a bit more majestic name to represent their intimidating size. Or you can really be clever and give a larger-sized dog a name that might belong to a smaller pup, and vice-versa; however I do not recommend this.

    If you lack the creativity to come up with a name, you can always go with the registered name. If you buy from a popular breeder then chances are they have already given the little pup a name. If so, you might want to just stick with the name. If you’re getting a rescue dog that already has some years on it, and it has a name, then you might want to stick with the name as it has already developed a response to it. Changing the name might only confuse the poor thing.

    When it comes to heritage, you can really think of some cool names. For instance, if you have a German shepherd, you could give it a German name – something like ‘Adler’, ‘Balwin’, or ‘Conrad’. This way you can accurately portray a little bit about your dog in its name. This can be helpful when trying to inform others about your dog. You should NOT do the opposite of this by naming your dog ‘Spot’ if he doesn’t have any spots. This could really confuse people who want to know what your dog looks like, especially if it happens to run away.

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    Fashions New Trends Are Often Based on Old Trends

    While each generation would like to think  they are original, their fashion choices are recycled from every generation before them. Everything from the tie clip to color blocking to shoe styles are fashion trends that are reminiscent of old looks and not so forgotten by some. Still, there is a right way and a wrong way to relive these trends and it is in all how you update and style older looks to make them your own. Making older fashion trends your own creates fresh looks and gives everyone the ability to relive a trend or wear it for the first time.


    Men’s fashion trends are a lot more subtle than those for teenagers and women. Even though they are subtle changes in the cut of a jacket, the pleats on pants or the size of a pocket square, they still make a huge difference to men in the know. Everything from colors to patterns to the types of fabrics come in and out of style each and every season. It is the tried and true materials and cuts, those that work best for men and make quality clothing, that keep returning to be used by designers and are sought out by customers. All it takes is the option of having an older trend available to you that you recognize and know you can pull off to give it a try again.

    While some trends are meant for the memory book, there are others that were popular because of their practicality. Even if a trend looks dated now, it is possible to make an old trend new with a twist or quick restyle. It is important that you do not reuse a trend in the exact same way that you did several year or decades ago, but give it a fresh look and try it in a new way. If you like a specific type of shirt, tailored just the way that you like, try it out in a new fabric or in colors that are trends for this season. You might end up liking an old style even more than you did the first time around when it is based on the latest fashion trends.

    Everything that goes into making an outfit can have a fashion comeback, including your shoe and accessory choices. Pieces from the tie to the tie clip are all a big part of making sure an outfit works and gives others an idea of your personal style. Because so much of men’s wardrobe options are similar, simple pieces like these get noticed and should be chosen with care. Make sure that whatever you choose gives you the chance to stand out and get noticed for a a good reason. Like the rest of your style, not every trend is going to be appreciated by everyone, but as long as you are happy with your choices it is the perfect choice for you.

    Modern trends in men’s fashion

    The new trends in fashion for men are changing the way that men dress. So many men are changing up their style in ways that mark a contrast in colors and tones.

    One of the newest trends involves men combining brown shoes with black pants. This is a lot different than what men have been used to in previous decades. In the past it was more common for men to wear matching colors. It was more of a fashion statement for women to wear abstract contrasting combinations. Today, however, there is a lot of talk about men and their contrasting color schemes.

    Much of this is because of the plethora of celebrities that are being dressed by stylists. Many male celebrities that are guests on talk shows will come on shows with a pair of shows that contrast the color of the suit. This trend quickly caught on and became a norm for men that wore dressy shoes. It is often said that a stylish dress shoe will go with anything. It doesn’t really matter what color the shoe is. That is one of the new style rules in fashion for men. It is more about the look and quality of the shoe than it is about the color.


    Another thing that is changing the way that men dress is the sports coat. Men often have to do a sport coat vs blazer comparison in the mirror before leaving the home. This is not the case anymore. Many people have actually started to wear the blazers more because this is deemed trendy and dressy casual. Men may still choose the blazer for a formal affair, but many men are seeing the value of the sports coats. A lot of men like this because they can wear it with a pair of jeans or dress pants. The sports coat is considered versatile so the sale of these coats in really growing in popularity.

    There are a lot of men that get their fashion tips from television and music artists that they like. Others may take tips from athletes or artists that are at top of the best dressed lists. The most common way for men to get fashion tips, however, is through their significant other. There are many men that have learned to become trendier dressers because their wives are picking out their clothes.

    Many men have started to wear pink ties and shirts and much of this has to do with the women that have a hand in the fashion trends for men. Another thing that has become popular is the army styled shirts that look like uniforms in the shoulder area. Many men have begun to wear this along with jeans. Some men wear these shirts with casual dress pants.

    The modern trends for men today consist mainly of a lot of lighter colors. In the past many men were simply wearing brown and black colors with few variations. Today many men have embraced brighter colors and jacket styles.

    Dad Jeans are Ugly!

    When it comes to fashion, everyone usually goes for the trend that’s happening right now. When it comes to men you always see the new fashion jeans but there are the few individuals that will wear dad jeans. They are absolutely hideous to say the least. If you haven’t seen what they looked like before try to imagine the 70’s and what the clothing was like during those days. These types of jeans are usually faded like a light blue color. They go way up the man’s bottom depending on the size that is purchased and this is because they are made high wasted. Some of them are way to big and look funny. They will even make some men look bow legged when their not.


    It really narrows down to the fact that the way the jeans are sewed together at the seems that gives it the ugliest look out there. Dad jeans are so ugly that they are hardly ever purchased. If they are purchased it’s because they are discounted so low in price that the company selling them might as well give them away for free. They have never been seen on any man to where it fits them perfectly. They just have a weird look about them.

    Don’t get me wrong though some people seriously still wear these jeans. Even our current President Obama was seen wearing these type of jeans out in public. He stated something along the lines that he wore them due to his age and that they were in fact comfortable. To say the least, I would personally find a different brand or type of jeans to wear then something that looks aweful, especially considering if I was President of the United States.

    Back in the day, when watching some old time shows such as Full House or maybe even Fresh Prince of Bel Air, you would see the actors wearing these jeans or mom jeans. It looked natural for that was the time era of when the shows were played. Looking back at it now you can see how ridiculous those jeans were and how they are definitely not a part of today’s hot fashion trend. So the main thing to keep in mind, is if you see these types of jeans on sale or for free at any company, do not pick up a pair. They are the ugliest jeans that anyone could get and are definitely not worth spending money on.