Summer used to be all about the relaxation, the drinks, the music, the food, and the fun, but now it’s starting to be more about the competition – the competition of bodies. Women have always felt the need to have a perfect body so when the shirts come off and the bikinis come on, they have something to show off. However, men are starting to feel that same kind of pressure to get a “beach ready” body.

So what exactly is a “beach ready” body on a guy? Well, muscles. Muscles and more muscles are what women prefer. Having rock hard abs that don’t need flexed to be visible, pecs that big enough for women to gawk at, and biceps that show just how hard you work in the gym. Now, for many, this is an unreachable goal. Lots of us, in fact the majority of us, aren’t anywhere close to getting there. So what’s an acceptable substitute? Flat stomachs, meat on the bones, no rolling hills on the backs, and some tight arms that don’t have riptides when they move.

Again, this is an unreachable goal for many, but it’s starting to be what men think about. Not only is it occupying the minds of men all over the world, but it’s starting to frustrate them and put an unnatural amount of pressure on their shoulders. Many men don’t feel they have the time or energy to get their body “beach ready”, so rather than living with the consequences they simply just avoid going to the beach. That’s the wrong attitude to have!

I challenge men out there to show off their not-”beach ready” body. Men do not need the pressure of looking like a sculpted statue just to show off for the women. However this is not an excuse to look sloppy. While you can’t make muscles just appear on your figure, you can do something that can improve your overall look – grooming.

When you’re at the beach, one of the most unattractive things is excessive body hair. Some men think it makes them look mature, experienced, and tough, but it’s simply just frightening to have a forest surround your entire body. If you can’t get your body “beach ready” for summer time, the least you can do is invest in a nice body groomer and get yourself looking clean. Other accessories could be purchased as well, like a good electric shaver for your head if you want to show off that shiny dome of yours.